Bohdan was born on the 17-th of October, 1958 in the village of Lubyana, Lviv oblast.With V.Ovsijchuk His father was a village toiler and had a bent for drawing. Joined the insurgent army and was wounded in 1946. On returning to Lviv began working in the advertising agency, soon was arrested and sentenced to 10 years of concentration camps together with his wife in Kolyma. Bohdan finished the secondary school in the town of Mykolayiv, not far from Lviv, being instructed simultaneously by the amateurish painter who passed him a lot of skills. The President's Palace. Bratislava (Slowakia) - personal exhibition "My father wanted me to be a painter", Bohdan mentions.
   In 1976 he entered the Faculty of Interior Design, and his teacher of painting was Teofil Maksysko, an honest and sincere artist. In 1981, after graduating from the Institute, Bohdan was called up. During his military service he drew the portraits for all comers as well as the icons for the officers who had just come back from Afghanistan. Soon after his service Panchyshyn painted in the churches of Moldova and Lvivshchyna. "Married, have two daughters", says Bohdan.

The Main Expositions:

2005, The President's Palace. Bratislava (Slowakia) - participant
2005, "La Tavolozza" (Italy) - participant
2002, The Native House of Culture. Uzhgorod (Ukraine) - personal exhibition
2002, "Maritime Gallery". Odesa (Ukraine) - personal exhibition
2002, "ARIAS & VANDA GALLERY". Bratislava (Slowakia) - personal exhibition
2001, The President's Palace. Bratislava (Slowakia) - personal exhibition
2000, "Maritime Gallery". Odesa (Ukraine) - personal exhibition
2000, The Municipal Gallery. Preshow (Slowakia) - personal exhibition
2000, The Technical Museum. Koshitse (Slowakia) - personal exhibition
2000, "Art-Nowum" .Warsaw (Poland) - personal exhibition
1999, Art-forum. Gent (Belgium) - participant
1999, "IRIS-4". Valencia (Spain) - participant
1999, "White Moon Gallery". Odesa (Ukraine) - personal exhibition
1999, "The Govermental Academy of Internal Affaires". Moscow (Russia) - personal exhibition
1998, "Maritime Gallery" Odesa (Ukraine) - personal exhibition
1996, "The Sacral Art of Galychyna XX c." Lviv (Ukraine) - participant
1996, The National Museum. Lviv (Ukraine) - personal exhibition

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